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Press releases

Eurojust’s role in Annecy murder investigation: the next stage

The Hague, 20 March 2013

After six months of intensive international cooperation, judges, prosecutors and investigators met at Eurojust for two days to assess and review the joint investigation team (JIT) that has now been in place for six months.

The JIT was set up in Annecy in September 2012 to ensure close collaboration between the national authorities of France and the UK in investigating the murders of three members of the al-Hilli family and cyclist Sylvain Mollier on 5 September 2012 near Chevaline, France.

To this end, Eurojust hosted two days of coordination meetings, on 19 and 20 March 2013, that brought together judicial and investigative authorities from France and the UK, and also judicial and law enforcement representatives from other countries involved in this complex investigation, in particular Sweden, Spain and Switzerland.

In the six months since the JIT between the UK and France was formed, JIT members have maintained very close and effective cooperation, with French gendarmes seconded to the UK, and Surrey Police officers seconded to France.

Via such close cooperation and the regular sharing of evidence, the JIT has assisted in overcoming the obstacles normally encountered between countries with significantly different legal systems. Such close contacts have been assisted by the funding for JITs available at Eurojust.

In addition, Eurojust has been the central point of contact for the exchange of many letters of request with all the involved Member States and third States, and Eurojust’s role in this regard has helped to speed up the processes by which requests are carried out. The two days of coordination meetings allowed the JIT partners, together with the other involved countries, to take stock of the progress made, to develop the exchange of information using a multinational approach, to solve potential legal issues and to discuss the investigation strategy and current lines of enquiry.

The participants at the Eurojust meeting together reiterated their shared commitment to continue working together closely and collaboratively to bring to justice those responsible for the terrible acts of September 2012.

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