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Press releases

Sylvie Petit-Leclair appointed as new National Member for France at Eurojust

The Hague, 26 September 2011

On 01 August 2011, Ms Sylvie Petit-Leclair was appointed National Member for France at Eurojust. In accordance with Article 2(1) of the Eurojust Decision, the appointment was approved by the Secretary General of the European Council.

The former National Member for France, Mr Gérard Loubens, retired and returned to France.

Ms Petit-Leclair was Judge and Investigating Magistrate for 16 years. She then served as Deputy Prosecutor at the Court of Versaillesand the Appeals Court of Paris, where she dealt with, amongst other crime types, terrorism cases.

Ms Petit-Leclair was acquainted with Eurojust thanks to her previous positions. She has extensive experience in international relations and was deeply involved in the implementation of the European Arrest Warrant (EAW) and in mutual legal assistance matters. She provided numerous trainings for judges and prosecutors in France and other countries (including Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Ghana and Peru) on these subjects.

During her international career, Ms Petit-Leclair had the opportunity to serve as Liaison Judge to the Netherlands (1999-2003) and to the United Kingdom (2007-2010).

Ms Petit-Leclair commented: “I believe Eurojust will give me the opportunity to complete my knowledge and my experience in the field of judicial co-operation. I am very proud to participate in the fight against organised crime thanks to Eurojust and work daily with the representatives of all the Member States of the European Union.”

Ms Sylvie Petit Leclair
(photo in hi-res available from Eurojust)

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