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Press releases

Fugitive Italian mafia boss arrested in Zeewolde, NL

The Hague, 02 August 2011

On Friday 29 July, at dawn, the Dutch Special Forces with the support of the Italian Carabinieri apprehended A.D., nicknamed “Zio”. A.D. was one of the Italian 100 most wanted fugitives belonging to the “Clan Polverino”, a camorra-organised crime group based in Naples. The clan is believed to be responsible inter alia of trafficking huge quantities of drugs from Spain to Italy, murders, extortions, illegal detention of weapons, money laundering through the commercial sector and other relevant criminal activities.

The search for A.D. had already begun on 3 May, when he escaped another international police operation against “Clan Polverino”, which led to the arrest of 40 members of the gang in Italy and Spain.

After discovering the new hideout of A.D. in Zeewolde (The Netherlands), the Italian Carabinieri, together with the Dutch Special Forces, raided the villa where the boss was living with his partner under a false name. During the operation, the police authorities were able to seize a forged passport, 20,000 euros and photos depicting A.D. with the chief of the “Clan Polverino”, who is at large since 2006.

The operation of last Friday was agreed upon on 21 July during a co-ordination meeting promoted by the Eurojust Italian National Desk. During the meeting Italian and Dutch police and judicial authorities swiftly exchanged information and planned the activities leading to the arrest of A.D. Practical details for the release of the European Arrest Warrant and other necessary investigative activities requested by a Letter Rogatory were discussed and clarified, thus leading to a smooth execution of the whole operation.

This arrest is the most recent, and by no means the last, successful step in a joint investigation on “Clan Polverino” effectively co-ordinated by Eurojust and led by the Antimafia Office of Naples since 2007, with the precious co-operation of the Spanish Guardia Civil and the Dutch Special Police Forces. The information exchanged during several co-ordination meetings at Eurojust and analysed with the support of its Case Analysis Unit allowed reconstructing the organigramme of the clan with its main heads and lieutenants.

The international co-operation activities promoted by Eurojust have proven to be yet again a decisive factor for a successful outcome of this type of operation and the search for the remaining members of “Clan Polverino” will continue in the future.

For more information, please contact:

Mr Joannes THUY, Spokesperson - Head of Press & PR Service
EUROJUST, Maanweg 174, 2516 AB, The Hague, the Netherlands
Tel +31 70 412 5508
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