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Ms Michèle Coninsx re-elected as Vice-President

The Hague, 15 February 2011

Ms Michèle Coninsx, National Member for Belgium, was re-elected today as Vice-President of Eurojust for a second 3-year term.

Today, during a special plenary meeting, the College of Eurojust re-elected Michèle Coninsx, National Member for Belgium, as their Vice-President. This election must be approved by the Council of the European Union by qualified majority.

On 11 December 2007, Ms Coninsx was first elected as Vice-President of Eurojust. The election today was due to the end of the mandate of Ms Coninsx, on 28 February 2011, after completing her first 3-year term.

Together with Mr Raivo Sepp, National Member for Estonia and Vice-President, Ms Coninsx will substitute for the President, Aled Williams (UK National Member), in his absence, and assist him in the exercise of his functions.

Michèle Coninsx is National Member for Belgium, and has a career in the judiciary of more than 23 years. From 1997 to 2001, just before joining Eurojust, she was one of the three Belgian national prosecutors in charge of co-ordinating the fight against organised crime and terrorism at country-wide level, with full jurisdictional powers over the 27 Belgian chief prosecutors.

In 2001, Ms Coninsx joined Pro-Eurojust in Brussels as deputy prosecutor general and National Member for Belgium. As President of Pro-Eurojust during the Belgian Presidency of the European Council in 2001, she initiated the Eurojust team structure and organised one of the first press conferences.

From 2001-2004, she chaired the Casework Committee focusing on operational issues, and since 2004, she has chaired the Counter-Terrorism Team. The Counter-Terrorism Team at Eurojust is a real centre of expertise at judicial level in the field of counter-terrorism. Under the chairmanship of Ms Coninsx, the process of information-gathering of all counter-terrorism-related issues has been streamlined, enabling Eurojust to contribute valuable judicial input to the TE-SAT report. Ms Coninsx also chaired all the strategic meetings on terrorism with a specific emphasis on confidence-building, networking and information-sharing among EU counter-terrorism practitioners.

In December 2007, after being elected for the first time as Vice-President, she became a member of the Presidency Team, and from December 2009 to February 2010, she was acting President of Eurojust.

After the election, Mr Williams, President of Eurojust, commented: “Michèle’s re-election as Vice-President of Eurojust is an important mandate from the Eurojust College. In our rapidly developing judicial co-operation unit, and following the Treaty of Lisbon and revised Eurojust Decision, much work lies ahead and it will be important to have strong and experienced colleagues in the Presidency Team.”

Mr Sepp, Vice-President of Eurojust, commented: “The re-election of my colleague is the recognition of her hard work, commitment and outstanding performance at Eurojust. Her long association with Eurojust makes her a valued partner in the management of our organisation. It will be a real pleasure to continue MConinsx-022011.jpg the excellent co-operation and team work, and I am convinced that Michèle’s next three years as Vice-President will make an invaluable contribution to the future of Eurojust.”

Ms Coninsx said: “I am delighted and it is an honour to be re-elected as Vice-President of Eurojust. It is a vote of confidence from the College and recognition of my real commitment to Eurojust from different posts of responsibility. I firmly believe in Eurojust and in its added value in the fight against serious organised crime and terrorism. But there are many more important challenges ahead, especially under the Lisbon Treaty, and I am full of energy to work on new projects together with all my colleagues at Eurojust.”

Ms Michèle Coninsx Photo in high-resolution available at Eurojust

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