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  • Case illustration: Simultaneous action against migrant smuggling ring

    28 April 2020

    ​Short animation of a Eurojust case involving Germany, Hungary, Romania, the UK and Europol (2019). For more information, see Eurojust's Annual Report 2019.

  • Case illustration: Deciding where to prosecute an international contract killer

    22 April 2020

    ​Short animation of a Eurojust case involving the Netherlands, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic and Serbia (2019). For more information, see Eurojust's Annual Report 2019.

  • Case illustration: ​Swift interaction between Swedish and Spanish Desks at Eurojust to arrest, prosecute and convict a woman exploiting her five children for the production of pornographic material

    20 April 2020

    Short animation based on a Eurojust case involving Sweden, Spain and Europol (2019). For more information, see Eurojust's Annual Report 2019.

  • Case illustration: Online fraud exceeding EUR 3 million

    17 April 2020

    ​Short animation of a Eurojust case involving Ireland, Finland, Eurojust and Europol (2019). For more information, see Eurojust's Annual Report 2019.

  • Case illustration: International drug trafficking ring dismantled

    16 April 2020

    ​Short animation based on a Eurojust case involving France, Poland, Ukraine, Eurojust and Europol (2019.  For more information, see Eurojust's Annual Report 2019.

  • Highlights of the Eurojust Annual Report 2019

    14 April 2020

    For the full report, please click here. For the press release, click here.

  • Eurojust: keeping European citizens safe

    08 October 2019

    During a joint action day on 26 March 2019, Eurojust supported the national authorities of 15 countries in taking down an organised crime group involved in trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation and money laundering. A joint investigation team had been working on the case for two years.

    ​​Video by the Council of the EU

  • Eurojust

    24 September 2019

    On 22 September 2019, on the occasion of The Hague International Open Day, Eurojust opened its doors to the public and welcomed 350 visitors to its premises. ​​Watch this short clip to get an impression of our Open Day.

  • Press conference held at Eurojust on 18 September 2019, following an operation to unravel massive trans-European pay-TV fraud

    18 September 2019

    A multi-country action day coordinated by Eurojust in The Hague led to the dismantling of an international criminal network committing massive fraud with pay-TV, which shows organised crime expanding its illegal activities to large-scale violations of audiovisual copyright. The actions taken in this unique case in the European Union are the result of complex investigations conducted by prosecutors from Naples and Rome, with the support of judicial and police authorities from Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, France, and the Netherlands, as well as Eurojust. The damage caused by the criminal gang amounts to approximately €6.5 million, jeopardising the existence of many legal providers of pay-TV on the market.  Read more ...

  • Judicial Counter-Terrorism Register

    05 September 2019

    ​A Counter-Terrorism Register (CTR) has been launched at Eurojust to reinforce the judicial response in Member States to terrorist threats and to improve security for citizens. The CTR, which entered into force on 1 September, centralises key judicial information to establish links in proceedings against suspects of terrorist offences. The CTR is managed by Eurojust in The Hague on a 24-hour basis and provides proactive support to national judicial authorities. This centralised information will help prosecutors to coordinate more actively and to identify the suspects or networks that are being investigated in specific cases with potential cross-border implications.

  • Eurojust and Finland

    11 July 2019

    ​Finland assumed the Presidency of the Council of the European Union on 1 July 2019. To mark this occasion, the outgoing and new National Members for Finland at Eurojust speak about the Finnish experience with European judicial cooperation and what Eurojust means for Finland.

  • Massive arms trafficking ring dismantled by Italian and Austrian action

    24 June 2019

    ​​Italian and Austrian authorities have, with the continuous and effective support of Eurojust, dismantled an international ring trafficking firearms to supply to Camorra organised crime in Naples. A total of 22 arrests were made, and 139 firearms and 1 600 rounds of ammunition were seized. Among those arrested were two Austrian gunsmiths, who illegally sold more than 800 pistols and 50 Kalashnikovs with removed serial numbers to organised crime groups

  • Eurojust crackdown on counterfeit olive oil trade

    21 June 2019

    ​With the active support of Eurojust, the Italian Public Prosecution Office (PPO) of Foggia, in close cooperation with the German national authorities, dismantled an organised crime group trading adulterated olive oil in Germany and Italy, leading to the arrest of 24 persons. Two suspects of Italian origin were arrested in Germany via European Arrest Warrants (EAWs). Eurojust, the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit, assisted the national authorities by facilitating the transfer of proceedings, the execution of EAWs and mutual legal assistance requests, and by successfully coordinating the action day that led to the pre-trial arrest of the main suspects. The total damage amounted to at least €8 million.

  • VAT carousel fraudsters arrested with the support of Eurojust

    12 June 2019

    ​During a joint action day coordinated by Eurojust, judicial authorities from Italy, Germany, Spain, Austria and Romania took down an organised crime group suspected of large-scale VAT fraud in the EU drinks market. Following numerous house searches in Italy, Germany, Austria and Romania, mobile phones and relevant documents were seized; bank details and records as well as other criminal assets were identified. 7 suspects residing in Italy, Austria and Romania were arrested, following the execution of pre-trial arrest warrants. The total amount of tax evasion is estimated at almost €2 million.

    Deputy Prosecutor of  Bolzano, Mr Axel Bisignano, talks about Eurojust's role in the case.

  • Special judicial cooperation: celebrating Europe Day with the Romanian Presidency

    08 May 2019

    Celebrating Europe Day on 9 May 2019, this video reveals remarkable international judicial cooperation, supported by Eurojust, to retrieve ancient artefacts so that they can now be displayed again in Romania.

    Former Romanian Prosecutor General Mr Augustin Lazar speaks of this unusual and fascinating case that he led.