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Swedish Home Minister expresses support for Eurojust during visit


​ Mr Mikael Damberg, Swedish Minister for Home Affairs, visited Eurojust today, expressing his support for the EU’s Judicial Cooperation Unit. The minister spoke extensively with Mr Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust, Ms Solveig Wollstad, National Member for Sweden, and Mr Frédéric Baab, National Member for France and Chair of the Counter-Terrorism Team. The Swedish minister was introduced to Eurojust’s facilities and operational work, explained how judicial cooperation yields tangible results at EU level, and discussed the issue of tackling firearms smuggling in Sweden from a European perspective.

Mr Damberg said: ‘Sweden was one of the driving forces behind the creation of Eurojust, and we remain strong supporters of its very important work. I was very pleased to speak to the entire College of Eurojust and hear more about its vital role in the fight against terrorism, war crimes and other serious crimes.’

Mr Hamran stated: ‘We warmly welcome Mr Damberg’s visit to Eurojust, which proves Sweden’s commitment to judicial cooperation across borders and combatting transnational organised crime. We were also grateful for the opportunity to share our concerns about Eurojust’s current and future budgetary situation, since we cannot stress enough that law enforcement and justice are two equally important parts of the EU security chain.’

The minister was accompanied by Ms Annika Markovic, Swedish Ambassador to the Netherlands, and Ms Anna-Carin Svensson, Director-General for International Affairs. Mr Damberg attended a plenary session of Eurojust’s College, during which representatives from all EU Member States come together on a weekly basis to craft joint strategies and action plans and discuss operational issues. Ms Wollstad focused her presentation on Eurojust’s added value in supporting Sweden in tackling the smuggling of firearms more efficiently. This crime type presents a major challenge in Sweden. Mr Baab expanded on Eurojust’s major role in combatting terrorism, including the creation of a European judicial counter-terrorism register.

For Swedish translation, click here.

Photos © Eurojust.