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Panamanian Prosecutor General meets President Coninsx


​Yesterday, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Panama, the Honourable Kenia Porcell, met with Eurojust President Michèle Coninsx, Vice-President Klaus Meyer Cabri, and National Member for Spain and IberRed contact point Francisco Jiménez-Villarejo, before the start of the two-day Mossack Fonseca coordination meeting held at Eurojust. The trip to Eurojust was part of a larger European tour, including Andorra and Spain.







Ms Porcell’s delegation consisted of a money laundering expert, an anti-corruption prosecutor and a specialist in international cooperation. Ms Porcell affirmed her commitment to fighting organised crime and money laundering, her willingness to collaborate and share information, and her belief that international cooperation is the key to success.

Ms Porcell was appointed Prosecutor General of the Nation for the period 2015 - 2025. She is a lawyer with 25 years of professional experience. She has also been a university professor for 18 years. Ms Porcell holds a Master's Degree in Commercial Law, and is an expert in constitutional and criminal law, public law and higher education. Ms Porcell was also legal adviser to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, and was legal advisor to the National Security Council. Ms Porcell is also a published author of articles on academic and social issues.