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Winners of the Eurojust Logo Contest


The results of the Eurojust logo contest (EU body looking for a new logo) have been finalized, and we are pleased to be in a position to announce the results. During the contest Eurojust received almost 700 submissions, a great success in terms of numbers and outreach, attracting submissions from artists all over Europe. The sheer number of entries demonstrates the wonderful creativity inspired in the participants by the contest’s goal of reflecting the important work of Eurojust against serious cross-border organized crime.

Eurojust would like to whole-heartedly thank everybody who took part in the contest and to congratulate the artists of the top three submissions (designs shown below). These artists received prizes of: € 7,000 1st prize, € 2,000 2nd prize and € 1,000 3rd prize.

Each of the top ten participants received a logo contest diploma as recognition of their outstanding achievement and participation in this EU-wide competition.

Winners of the Eurojust Logo Contest









Winner of the contest (1st prize) – Mr Ioannis Georgantas (Greece)









Winner of the contest (2nd prize) – Mr Arthur Schmidt (Germany)










Winner of the contest (3rd prize) – Mr Zbigniew Pelon (Poland)

As stated in the contest rules (page 8, section 18), it is at the discretion of the College of Eurojust to decide if it is to use the original design of the winning submission in a complete or modified form as the new logo of Eurojust.

As clarified in the contest rules:

“The prize-winning logo proposals, i.e. those ranked 1, 2 and 3, will become the intellectual property of Eurojust and the designer cannot exercise any right over it. In addition, the entrant of the selected design shall not exercise the moral rights of an author, and all other rights pertaining to the selected design shall belong exclusively to Eurojust. The logo proposal, or elements thereof, that wins the first prize may be used, in a complete or modified form, to produce a logo for Eurojust that has the acceptance of the College of Eurojust, and used for promotional and display purposes and any other use as deemed appropriate. All contestants agree to hand over all intellectual property rights of the logo solely for the use of Eurojust even after the competition. The winning designs must not be used outside Eurojust’s professional remit.”

Thank you all for participating and congratulations to the winners for their achievement! We wish all participants the very best in their future endeavours!