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THB: Eurojust mid-term report published

Cover of THB mid term report (November 2014)


Eurojust’s THB Project Team announces the publication of its Mid-term report on the Implementation of the Eurojust Action Plan against THB 2012-2016.

In January 2012, in an effort to raise awareness of the crime of trafficking in human beings (THB), and to increase the relatively small number of THB cases referred to Eurojust (link for an overview of THB cases handled by Eurojust from 2010 through 2014), Eurojust’s Trafficking and Related Crimes Team initiated a strategic project, Eurojust’s action against trafficking in human beings 2012-2016.

Based on the results of the strategic project, Eurojust has reached a number of conclusions and has identified possible actions that may lead to an increased number of investigations and prosecutions of THB cases and increased judicial cooperation in this area.

A Eurojust strategic meeting on THB took place in April 2012. The Outcome Report of this strategic meeting reflects the conclusions and recommendations that resulting from the discussions during the meeting. The final report and action plan of the strategic project were published in October 2012. The next Eurojust strategic meeting on THB, taking place in April of this year, will evaluate implementation of the strategic project so far.

The Eurojust THB Project monitors the progress achieved in implementing the Eurojust action plan. As the action plan was started two years ago, the mid-term report monitors the strategic project’s progress achieved halfway through.

The findings of the mid-term report are based primarily on the analysis of 25 selected THB cases dealt with by Eurojust. The action plan is divided into six priority areas:

  1. Enhancing information exchange
  2. Increasing the number of detections, investigations and prosecutions in THB cases and enhancing judicial cooperation
  3. Training and expertise in THB cases
  4. Increased cooperation with third States in THB cases
  5. Multidisciplinary approaches to combat THB
  6. Disrupting criminal money flows and asset recovery in THB cases


Issue No 2 of April 2010 of the Eurojust News looks at aspects of Eurojust’s contribution to the European Union’s fight against THB.

A report on Individual Actions in the Field of Trafficking in Human Beings - Justice and Home Affairs Agencies (October 2012-October 2014) - can be found here.

The Joint Statement of the Justice and Home Affairs Agencies from 3 November 2014 - From strategic guidelines to actions: the contribution of the JHA Agencies to the practical development of the area of freedom, security and justice in the EU - can be found here.

Eurojust’s press releases on THB:

For further information on Eurojust’s work in the fight against THB, please contact Eurojust’s THB Project Team at


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