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Consultative Forum meeting held at Eurojust


On 13 December, the Consultative Forum of Prosecutors General and Directors of Public Prosecutions of the Member States of the European Union (Consultative Forum) met at Eurojust’s premises in The Hague. The meeting was organised by the Office of the Prosecutor General of Lithuania and supported by Eurojust.

The main topics discussed by Consultative Forum members, representatives of the EU institutions and Eurojust College members were:

Future developments of Eurojust:

How to achieve more efficiency?
Relations between Eurojust and national authorities – needs and expectations

The Consultative Forum members exchanged views on how to further improve the work of Eurojust. Key points discussed were the tasks and powers of Eurojust; the added value of Eurojust’s coordination activities; and the exchange of information.

The participants also debated the proposal for a Regulation on Eurojust of 17 July 2013 and Eurojust’s special relationship with the EPPO in operational matters

The set-up and functioning of the European Public Prosecutors Office:

What is the impact on national prosecution services?

In light of the proposed Regulation on the EPPO, the Consultative Forum continued the discussions on the EPPO that it conducted during the previous meeting of the Consultative Forum under the Irish Presidency. The main focus in the meeting of 13 December were aspects of direct relevance to national judicial authorities, such as: the role and position of the EPPO delegated prosecutors in the national systems; the impact of the proposed exclusive competence of the EPPO; the extent and use of the EPPO ancillary competences; the initiation and carrying out of EPPO investigations and prosecutions at national level; the principles and modalities of judicial review of EPPO decisions; and the relations of the EPPO with non-participating Member States and third States.

The EU internal security strategy:

How to enhance its judicial dimension?

The Consultative Forum was informed about the EU Internal Security Strategy, and the strategic goals and proposed operational action plans for the next EU Policy Cycle (2014-2017), including Eurojust’ activities in this field. A concrete operational example in the field of Trafficking in Human Beings was presented by a Forum member.

After the Stockholm Programme:

Strategic guidelines for the future area of freedom, security and justice

In 2014, the 5-year Stockholm Programme will come to an end. The Consultative Forum members exchanged ideas with a view to contributing to the strategic guidelines for the future area of freedom, security and justice based on their practical experience.

The conclusions endorsed by the Consultative Forum will soon be available on the Eurojust website. You can read more about the Consultative Forum on our website.

The next meeting of the Consultative Forum will take place under the Greek Presidency in June 2014.

Photos: © Eurojust