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- A message from Ladislav Hamran
- Criminal Justice in the Digital Age 
- Eurojust at the JHA Council in Luxembourg

- Launch of the Counter-Terrorism Register
- Webmaster case: Behind the scenes with Eurojust
- Trans-European Pay-TV fraud unravelled 
- Human traffickers sentenced to 33 years 
- Eurojust helps French authorities secure conviction
- Translated joint note on the EIO
- Vacancy for Seconded National Expert
- Video tutorial on JIT claim reimbursements
- What's been happening at Eurojust?
- Eurojust terrorism factsheet 
- Translated Joint Note on the EIO
- Report: Eurojust casework on migrant smuggling
- Terrorism Convictions Monitor
- Cybercrime Judicial Monitor

- What to watch out for in Q4

Twenty Years after Tampere

'On 15 October, exactly twenty years ago in Tampere, Finland, the European heads of state and government took the important decision to step up judicial cooperation between EU Member States. With this decision, they gave the green light for Eurojust – initially starting in a few offices in Brussels but now operating from The Hague, the City of Peace and Justice. In those twenty years, we have taken great steps to combat cross-border crime and improve cooperation on a daily basis.', stated Ladislav Hamran, President of Eurojust.
Read more here

Criminal Justice in the Digital Age


‘Criminal justice does not start in a prosecutor’s office. It starts when a victim goes to the police station to report a crime. We know that police services already have digital tools for exchange, but are these tools connected to judicial authorities? Do we have end-to-end digital coherence from the beginning of a criminal case through to the court decision and the execution of the sanction? Today, the answer is no, we do not. The question is how do we get to this stage; how can we make our digital tools fit for end-to-end processing of court cases?’ said Mr Roland Genson, Director for Justice, General Secretariat of the Council of the European Union - Justice and Home Affairs during a joint event organised with Eurojust and the European Commission in Brussels, on 10 October.
Read more about the 'Criminal Justice in the Digital Age' event here

Eurojust at the Justice and Home Affairs Council in Luxembourg

During the most recent meeting of the Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) Council in Luxembourg on 7-8 October, the Ministers of the Council adopted conclusions on the role of Eurojust, stressing the importance of the Agency in enabling cooperation between Member States and other EU bodies in the area of freedom, security and justice. The Council also emphasised that Eurojust must be given the resources it needs to meet emerging security challenges, such as those posed by new technologies.

Eurojust's president, Mr Lasislav Hamran, who took part in the discussions in Luxembourg, said, ‘I warmly welcome [...] the strong support the JHA Council Ministers are giving to Eurojust. The Council fully acknowledges our important role in the EU’s security and justice chain and our need for adequate funding. Member States are more and more relying on Eurojust, resulting in an annual increase of new Eurojust cases of more than 20%. We can only continue to provide the Member States with hands-on, practical support when we have sufficient resources at our disposal.’

Read Mr Hamran's statement in full here.

Counter-Terrorism Register launched at Eurojust

1 September 2019 saw the launch of the Counter-Terrorism Register (CTR) at Eurojust in The Hague. The register is designed to strengthen and speed up judicial proceedings to combat terrorism and to protect citizens worldwide against the growing threat of terrorism, by centralising key judicial information to establish links in proceedings against suspects of terrorist offences. The CTR is managed by Eurojust on a 24-hour basis and provides proactive support to national judicial authorities.
 For more information on Eurojust's role in fighting terrorism, see this Eurojust Factsheet.

The 'Webmaster' case: Behind the scenes with Eurojust 

Our new corporate video offers a unique look at Eurojust's work behind the scenes during a complex cross-border case, as well as the central role played by cooperation between national authorities through Eurojust.

During a joint action day on 26 March 2019, Eurojust assisted the national authorities of 15 countries in taking down an organised crime group (OCG) involved in trafficking of human beings for sexual exploitation and money laundering. Eurojust's support in this challenging multinational case proved instrumental. Five coordination meetings with all competent authorities across Member States were organised and a Joint Investigation Team (JIT) was set up and financed by Eurojust, enabling investigators to quickly gather and exchange critical information, before later organising a coordination centre in The Hague to support the action day.

Click here to view the video. 

Eurojust helps unravel massive trans-European pay-TV fraud
Italy, Greece, Bulgaria, France, Germany, the Netherlands – 18 September

Eurojust played a key role in a series of complex investigations led by Italian prosecutors and supported by authorities in five other countries, to dismantle an international criminal network committing massive fraud through the means of pay-TV services. Eurojust enabled quick information exchanges between the involved Member States, as well as the execution of multiple European Investigation Orders (EIOs) and freezing orders. Further, a coordination centre was held at Eurojust’s premises in The Hague, enabling the identification of 22 suspects.

On 18 September, Eurojust held a press conference in The Hague to discuss the case, attended by the National Member for Italy Eurojust, Mr Filippo Spiezia, as well as other key members of the investigation. 

A video recording of the press conference is available here


Nine human traffickers sentenced to total of 33 years in prison 
UK, Latvia – 30 July

Eurojust supported national authorities in the United Kingdom (UK) and Latvia in convicting nine members of an OCG involved in cross-border modern slavery, resulting in multiple prison sentences totalling 33 years. Eurojust set up and financed a JIT as a platform to organise a series of productive operational meetings and two action days in the respective countries.

Read more about Eurojust’s role here.

Fast justice: Eurojust helps French authorities to secure conviction within four hours  
France, the Netherlands – 26 July

By facilitating efficient cooperation between Dutch and French authorities, Eurojust enabled the speedy conviction of a Dutch Citizen on trial for cocaine trafficking in France. Within four hours of requesting Eurojust’s assistance, the French Public Prosecutor’s Office was able to retrieve information from the Dutch authorities on the defendant’s previous convictions, leading to a three-year prison sentence.

Read more about Eurojust’s role here.
In addition to the cases presented above, Eurojust has coordinated a number of additional major criminal investigations and prosecutions over the past few months. Please visit our website to explore Eurojust’s wider casework during Q3.

Translated Joint Note on the European Investigation Order  

Eurojust and the European Judicial Network (EJN) recently published a Joint Note on the Practical Application of the European Investigation Order (EIO). First published in English in June 2019, the note is now available in 21 additional languages of the European Union: Bulgarian, Czech, Danish, German, Greek, Spanish, Estonian, Finnish, French, Hungarian, Italian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Maltese, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovakian, Slovenian and Swedish. 

Click here to access the note in each of the available languages. 

What can you do for Eurojust? Vacancy for Seconded National Expert to the EJN

Eurojust is looking to fill a vacant position for a fixed-term secondment to Eurojust as a Seconded National Expert (SNE), to support the EJN Secretariat in performing its tasks as the administrative body of the EJN. You can apply to work at Eurojust as an SNE if you are employed by a national, regional or local public administration in an EU Member State and have worked for your current employer for at least 12 months. 

For further information, and to submit an application, click here. 

Video tutorial on reimbursement of JIT claims 

As part of Eurojust's mission to provide technical and financial support to JITs, the JITs Network Secretariat has created an intuitive video tutorial offering step-by-step instructions and assistance with completing, compiling and submitting the Reimbursement Claim and Reporting Form as part of the Eurojust JITs Funding process.

Access the video tutorial here

What's been happening at Eurojust?


Eurojust secures agreement with Denmark on judicial cooperation – 07 October

In October, Eurojust and the Kingdom of Denmark signed an Agreement on Criminal Justice Cooperation, to strengthen their joint fight against cross-border crime. The agreement, signed by Mr Ladislav Hamran and Mr Nick Hækkerup, Minister of Justice of Denmark, provides for quick, safe and efficient exchange of case-related information and evidence between Denmark, other EU Member States and third countries. Further, Denmark is able to second a Representative to Eurojust to coordinate its cross-border criminal investigations and prosecutions. 

Mr Hamran said: This agreement allows Eurojust and Denmark to continue their successful cooperation under the Eurojust Regulation. We will be working together on current and upcoming cross-border cases to stop transnational crime and create a safer continent for all Europeans’.

Click here to read more about the agreement. 

New Finnish Minister of the Interior makes fact-finding visit to Eurojust  03 October

Midway through the Finnish Presidency of the European Union, Finland's recently appointed Minister of the Interior, Ms Maria Ohisalo, travelled to The Hague to learn more about Eurojust's role in tackling cross-border crime. During her visit, she learned about Eurojust's recent casework in relation to Finland: between January and June this year, Finland was involved in 50 new Eurojust cases, often involving trafficking in human beings and drug trafficking.

For more information on Ms Ohisalo's visit, click here

Fruitful discussions with German and French Justice Ministers – 30 September

In September, Ms Christine Lambrecht, the newly appointed German Minister of Justice and Consumer Protection, as well as Ms Nicole Belloubet, French Minister of Justice, reaffirmed their full support for Eurojust during a visit to its premises in The Hague. The discussions, which involved Mr Ladislav Hamran as well as the National Members for Germany and France at Eurojust, centered on the key role of Germany and France in successfully combatting serious crime in Europe, and explored different avenues for making best use of Eurojust’s legal expertise and judicial tools.

Read more about the Ministers' visit here


Conference on investigations of online child sexual violence on the Darknet – 30 September 

Over two days, Eurojust and the Council of Europe hosted the second joint conference on cybercrime exploring the role of the Darknet in enabling sexual violence against children. More than 100 participants from across Europe took part in the discussions, which covered a range of topics including Eurojust’s mission, objectives and available judicial tools for international cooperation on cybercrime, as well as insights from country representatives from cases involving online sexual violence against children.

Read about this insightful event here

Eurojust Open Day – 22 September


On 22 September, Eurojust opened its doors to the public on the occasion of The Hague International Open Day. Around 350 visitors had a once-in-a-year glimpse of the work Eurojust does behind the scenes to tackle serious cross-border crime. 

A big thank you to all of our visitors for helping to make the day such a great success!

Catch the highlights from the open day in this short video.


Bulgarian Prosecutor General presents reinforced National Desk at Eurojust –  19 September

The Bulgarian Prosecutor General, Mr Sotir Tsatsarov, expressed his strong support for Eurojust’s role in combatting serious cross-border crime during his visit to The Hague in September. The visit was also an opportunity to present the reinforced Bulgarian National Desk at Eurojust to Mr Ladislav Hamran, following the recent appointment of Deputy National Member, Mr Viktor Tartchev.

Read more about Mr Tsatsarov’s visit and the work of the Bulgarian Desk here.


Baudoin Thouvenot appointed as new French National Member – 02 September

In September, Eurojust welcomed Mr Baudoin Thouvenot, a career investigative judge who has spent nearly 30 years on the bench, as the new National Member for France, replacing Frédéric Baab. As a former satisfied Eurojust ‘client’, Mr Thouvenot is eager to begin enriching his knowledge of different judicial systems and working hand-in-hand with his new colleagues in tackling cross-border crime.

Learn more about Mr Thouvenot's professional backgroud here


New National Member for Lithuania appointed – 20 August

Ms Margarita Šniutytė-Daugėlienė joined Eurojust as National Member for Lithuania in August, replacing Ms Laima Čekelienė. Ms Šniutytė-Daugėlienė joins the College of Eurojust after a successful career spent with the Regional Prosecutor’s Office of Klaipeda, Lithuania, and as a contact point for the EJN.
Read more about Ms Šniutytė-Daugėlienė's appointment and her professional background here.


Eurojust welcomes new National Member for Finland – 05 August

On 1 August, Ms Lilja Limingoja took up her official duties as National Member for Finland at Eurojust, having served as Assistant to outgoing National Member, Piia Vottone. Ms Limingoja joins Eurojust as National Member at an exciting time, the beginning of the Finnish Presidency.
For further information on Finland, the Finnish Presidency and the Finnish Desk at Eurojust, please see the Finnish country profile on Eurojust’s website as well as the
following video.


German Public Prosecutors General in support of Eurojust – 16 July

At a meeting at Eurojust’s premises, the Working Group Europe of Germany’s Public Prosecutors General reaffirmed its support for Eurojust, stressing the need to safeguard the role of the Agency. In particular, the Public Prosecutors General expressed concerns that the proposed financial resources allocated for Eurojust in the next EU Multiannual Financial Framework are insufficient to meet growing demand for its services, with the support requested through the German Desk at Eurojust having risen by 350% in the past four years.

Discover more here.

OLAF and Eurojust strengthen cooperation to tackle financial crime – 12 July

In July, representatives from Eurojust and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) took part in a high-level meeting to step up their cooperation in tackling crimes against the EU’s financial interests. Among other actions, the decision was taken at the meeting to increase the number of coordination meetings between Eurojust National Members and OLAF investigators, and to participate earlier to form JITs.
Read more about the meeting’s outcomes here.

Eurojust terrorism factsheet 

As part of its efforts to support judicial authorities in the fight against terrorism, Eurojust has published a factsheet offering examples of real cases benefitting from Eurojust’s involvement as well as updated statistics detailing Eurojust’s casework over recent years. Also included in the factsheet is information on Eurojust’s role in response to foreign terrorist fighters (FTFs) and in supporting victims of terrorist attacks.

Read the factsheet here.

Practical application of the European Investigation Order – now in 22 EU languages


The 'Joint Note of Eurojust and the European Judicial Network on the practical application of the European Investigation Order' is now available in 21 additional EU languages. Originally published in English by Eurojust and the EJN in June 2019, the note is a compilation of information on the EIO and its application, gathered by Eurojust and the EJN during meetings, documents and casework. It includes examples of the common issues and challenges encountered by national authorities when using the tools, as well as possible solutions and best practice.

Click here to access the note.


Report on Eurojust’s casework in the field of migrant smuggling (redacted) – now available


This report, which has been partially released to the public, is based on Eurojust's analysis of a selection of 30 migrant smuggling cases registered at Eurojust during 2015-2017 inclusive. The report draws on statistical information relating to cross-border migrant smuggling crimes, identifies the main features of the selected cases, highlights specific obstacles and challenges, presents the judicial responses developed to address those obstacles and challenges and summarises best practice and lessons learned. 

The report is available to view here

Terrorism Convictions Monitor (issues 29-32)


The Terrorism Convictions Monitor (TCM) is a Eurojust report that provides a regular overview of terrorism-related developments across the European Union. The report is produced three times a year and focuses on concluded court proceedings, amendments to relevant legislation at European and national levels and a selection of upcoming and ongoing trials. It also includes a detailed legal analysis of a selected judgment from a Member State.
Issues 29-32 of the TCM are now easily accessible on our website.

Cybercrime Judicial Monitor

The Cybercrime Judicial Monitor (CJM) contains updates on legislation and judicial analysis of court rulings in the field of cybercrime and cyber-enabled crime, as well as a dedicated topic of interest which varies from issue to issue. The CJM is distributed to law enforcement and judicial authorities active in the field of combatting cybercrime and cyber-related crime.

The first three issues of the monitor are now available on our website.

What to watch out for in Q4

With the busy autumn period upon us, here are some of the key topics and events to keep an eye on over the weeks and months ahead.



  • Consultative Forum of Prosecutor General
  • 'Database and Assessment of Risks of violent Extremists' (DARE) conference
  • Sirius conference
  • Joint EJ/ENPE Conference on Environmental Crime
  • Guidelines for Deciding on Competing Requests for Surrender and Extradition


  • CARIN – the asset recovery network – Annual General Meeting
  • CEPOL training on financial investigations in the field of migrant smuggling
  • 27th meeting of the Network for Investigation and Prosecution of Genocide, Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes
  • International Fraud Awareness Week (18-23 Nov)
  • 2nd EJCN Meeting
  • 53rd Plenary Meeting of the European Judicial Network
  • Annual Meeting of the Joint Operational Team (JOT) MARE on migrant smuggling by sea


  • EMMA/Money mule awareness week
  • New Eurojust Regulation
  • ERA Countering Migrant Smuggling seminar

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