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Liaison Prosecutors

Hilde Stoltenberg was appointed Liaison Prosecutor for Norway on 1 September 2016. Ms Stoltenberg began her career as a prosecutor with the Bodø, Nordland, Police in 1997. Prior to joining Eurojust, she was an Assistant Professor at the Norwegian Police Academy and Regional Public Prosecutor for Nordland, a post she held until 2015. A graduate of the University of Tromsø (1990 – 1997) and the University of Nordland (2010-2013), Ms Stoltenberg has a great deal of experience in prosecuting cases involving international drug trafficking, the sexual abuse of children and cybercrime.

Tanja Bucher is the Liaison Prosecutor for Switzerland. Ms Bucher started her career in prosecution after finishing her studies, working as an investigating magistrate and assistant prosecutor in the canton of Aargau, and then as a Public Prosecutor in the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Canton of Basel-Stadt. She then served as a Public Prosecutor in the International Department of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the Canton of Zurich, dealing mainly with international mutual legal assistance. Ms Bucher was seconded to Eurojust as Deputy Liaison Prosecutor in December 2017. She was promoted to Liaison Prosecutor in August 2019. Ms Bucher graduated in law from the universities of Basel, Bern and Freiburg in Breisgau. She completed further studies in the fields of forensics, foreign affairs and diplomacy.

Kenneth Harris was appointed Liaison Prosecutor for the United States in September 2017.

Jelena Lučić Ðaletić was appointed Liaison Prosecutor for Montenegro in December 2017. Ms Lučić Đaletić has been a Prosecutor at the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica, Montenegro, since 2015, after serving as Secretary since 2014. She formerly worked as a legal advisor at the High State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica and at the Supreme State Prosecutor’s Office, Department for the Suppression of Organised Crime, Corruption, Terrorism and War Crimes, also in Podgorica. Ms Lučić Đaletić studied Law at the University of Podgorica and European Law at the University of Nancy, France.

Myroslava Krasnoborova was appointed Liaison Prosecutor for Ukraine in August 2018. Ms Krasnoborova began her career as a prosecutor in 2006. Since 2008, she has been working at the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine, in the field of international cooperation. Prior to joining Eurojust, she was Deputy Head of Department for International Legal Cooperation, Head of Division for International Cooperation, as well as contact point for Ukraine at Eurojust. Ms Krasnoborova has gathered valuable practical experience in the areas of mutual legal assistance, extradition, transfer of criminal proceedings and asset recovery.

Lenche Ristoska took up her duties as Liaison Prosecutor for the Republic of North Macedonia at Eurojust in November 2018. Ms Ristoska graduated with honours from the Faculty of Law at St Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje, and passed her Bar Examination in 2008. In 2013, she was appointed public prosecutor at the Primary Public Prosecutor’s Office of Skopje, after graduating from the Academy for Judges and Public Prosecutors. There she worked in the Department for International Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, executing incoming mutual legal assistance (MLA) requests, as well as in the Department for Drugs, Sexual and Violent Crimes. Ms Ristoska was appointed prosecutor to the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office in 2015, where she was in charge of matters of international cooperation and MLA requests. She also conducted national criminal investigations into complex cases of illegal interception of communications, abuse of official powers, corruption, illegal political party financing and money laundering.