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Planning, Programming & Reporting Office

​The Planning, Programming & Reporting Office (PRO) has been set up to enhance a coherent coordination of the programming, planning and reporting cycle at Eurojust. Its aim is to synergise and streamline the preparation of the corporate documents that are required for Eurojust’s programming, planning and reporting obligations, such as the Multi-Annual Strategy (MAS), Single Programming Document (SPD) (incl. the Annual Work Programme, AWP) and the Administrative Director’s Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR).

PRO strives to enhance the corporate planning and performance management of the Agency and to reinforce the internal reporting workflows and procedures with the aim of harmonising and streamlining the planning, programming and reporting activities at Eurojust and to harmonise data collection thereto.

PRO stands for the coordination and support of the planning, programming and reporting activities within the Agency so as to ensure a consistent approach across Eurojust.