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Legal Affairs Office

​The Legal Affairs Office supports the College and the administration of Eurojust by providing legal advice on the legal and regulatory framework applicable to the organisation. The Office works closely with the Administrative Director and all units and services of Eurojust. It assists in all legal aspects of daily administrative life at Eurojust and advises on any issues potentially giving rise to disputes with the view to minimising the risks of litigations. Furthermore, the Legal Affairs Office constantly monitors the regulatory and judicial developments at EU level and assesses their impact on Eurojust legal framework.

The following key tasks are performed by the Legal Affairs Office:

  • Legal advice on interpretation and application of EU and Eurojust legal and regulatory framework
  • Legal advice on access to documents
  • Legal advice to staff related matters, including pre-litigation
  • Litigation and administrative inquiries where necessary
  • Handling of European Ombudsman inquiries and complaints
  • Legal advice on implementing rules to the staff regulation
  • Legal advice related to privileges and immunities, including host state relations
  • Legal advice related to financial matters, contracts, procurement and grants procedures
  • Legal advice related to cooperation with other EU institutions/bodies/agencies and other partners
  • Legal advice on security related matters and EU classified information