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Budget, Finance and Procurement Unit

The Budget, Finance and Procurement (BFP) Unit is a central administrative unit which provides budgetary, financial and procurement services for Eurojust.

The unit’s main tasks are to help establish and acquire the Eurojust annual budget and to ensure its sound financial management. It is the responsibility of the unit to ensure that the provisions of the applicable financial regulations are respected, while all beneficiaries of Eurojust funding receive their payments in a timely manner. The unit also acts as an advice and control function for the organisation in terms of how its funds are allocated and how they are best spent, to ensure value for money.

The BFP Unit is also the initiator and coordinator of the Annual Work Programme and the Multi-Annual Strategic Plan, not only in terms of projection of financial application of the budget, but also in terms of monitoring that the entire organisation can fully benefit from the availability of funds, allocated to ensure the smooth running of its core business.

In addition, the BFP Unit is responsible for maintaining accurate financial records and preserving the integrity of the budgetary and accounting systems. To this end, the BFP Unit hosts the visits of the European Court of Auditors, as well as the Internal Audit Service, who visit Eurojust four times per year. The management of financial transactions is fundamental to the integrity of financial information.

Whereas the Procurement Office mission is to procure goods, services and works for Eurojust, the primary focus is given to the correct implementation and coordination of the procedures for the award of public works contracts, public supply contracts and public service contracts, together with the concerned provisions on procurement of the Financial Regulations. This sector needs to safeguard the processes and to comply with stipulations as mentioned in the Financial Regulations. Although it may be regarded as a hindrance to progress, it should be seen as an oversight mechanism, with regards to the integrity of Eurojust when Public Procurement matters are concerned.

In terms of overall support, the Mission Sector contributes in its application and execution on the basis of the Mission Guide as set up for Eurojust. Its focus is on the correct way to determine that costs incurred and funds needed for missions are being dealt with and processed in the appropriate manner.